Reader’s Request Story #1 – Acid Eyes

David Kingsly tapped his foot on the freshly polished tile floor. He read the headline of the newspaper on the table in front of him: All safe after fire at high school. He didn’t bother to read the article. He glanced at his watch. Anytime now.

David was at the car mechanics waiting room, waiting for a routine oil change. This wasn’t anything new, but he had somewhere else to be. He impatiently looked at his watch once again. In 5 minutes. His daughter’s wedding was in 5 minutes.

He was so proud of her. She had met the perfect man. He was tall, blonde, slim, and had what she described as, “The blue eyes of an angel.” Plus, he was filthy rich. David, being the slightly selfish man he was, was happy about that small fact. He was in hopes his daughter would provide for him after the marriage. He could use a little extra cash in his wallet. David breathed in and let it blow out through his nose. He looked up at the woman behind the counter.

“Miss, are they about finished? I have somewhere to be.”

She smiled and nodded. “Just a moment, sir. I’m sure they’ll be ready shortly. Do you want me to check?” She was young, David estimated to be in her mid-20s. Her bright red hair was pulled back into a pony tail.

“Yes, please. Thank you!” David said politely. The woman turned around and exited through a door in the back. ‘Employees only’ said a sign above.

He kept watch on the door, waiting for her to come back out and tell him his car was waiting in the lot. He heard muffled voices from the garage. Not being able to make out what they were saying, he stood up from his chair and made his way to the counter. He kept his eyes locked on the orange tinted window on the door. Anytime now.

The sound of a grumbling motor started from the inside of the garage.

‘Thank God! They’re done!’ he thought. The motor got louder. The voices got louder. They were yelling now. The sound of metal on metal started sounding repeatedly. ‘Now what?’ The grumbling noise turned into the sound of a chainsaw, and a bone chilling crunch was heard followed by a woman’s scream. A man’s face slammed against the window, his eye sockets empty, filled with a yellow liquid, David doubled back in terror as the face slid down the door, leaving a trail of the yellow acid which was now burning through the glass.

“Holy hell!” he cursed out loud as he fell back, the back of his head meeting with the corner of the table. He grabbed the impact point and hurriedly made his way to his feet, bolting for the front door.

Outside was a world filled with chaos and death. People everywhere were burning, the acid starting from their eyes and spreading to their whole body, eventually leaving nothing but a pile of rotten flesh and bones. The smell was putrid, like standing in a pile of dead animals, only 10 times worse.

He gagged, a bit of the acid coming up from his throat and spilling to his feet. His eyes were starting to burn. He screamed in agony, his hands moving from the back of his head to his eyes. He scratched at them, trying to make the burning go away, but it only made the pain worse. He looked at his fingertips. They were covered in blood. He fell onto the pavement, cracking open his head on the edge of the sidewalk. His vision became blurred and his whole body throbbed with a pain so intense, it felt as though a million diseased rats were slowly eating away at his flesh. His lungs closed up, making breathing now impossible.

The last thing he saw before his vision completely left him was the blurred image of a man. He wore a bright white HazMat suit and held a Glock 17 handgun with a laser guided scope. He pointed, aimed and fire.

Then, it was over.

©Brendan Swogger 2012

This readers request story is from David K. Hulegaard, author of Noble, Noble: Bloodlines, Strangers, and The Jumper. Here’s the request:

“All right, Brendan. A little writing exercise for you: A man is sitting in the waiting area of a car mechanic’s business. He’s alone, waiting on a routine oil change. There’s a loud crash coming from the garage, followed by a commotion and screaming. What happened?”

Leave a comment and give me your feedback! Then, visit David’s website at and buy his books available on Kindle and at the Friends of the Oregon City Public Library Used Book Store on 7th Street in Oregon City. Stay posted for more! You can subscribe to me at the bottom of the page and follow me on Twitter. Have an idea for a story? Click on Reader’s Request at the top and send me a request! Your story may be used in a future post! Happy Reading! 😉

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