Velociraptor Films or: Why I haven’t posted since March but have actually still been extremely busy with writing

Velociraptor Films logo designed by Jamie Scherschel

Velociraptor Films logo designed by Jamie Scherschel

Okay. For all of you fans who read The Anatomy of a Hotel Psychopath about 3 months ago, and thought, ‘Man, I can’t wait for the next one!’, I’m sincerely sorry. I realize that I haven’t posted a story since March, and it blows my mind too. I mean, for the longest time, I had the excuse that I was caught up in school, which was 100% true. As my Freshman year of High School drew closer and closer to a grand finish, every teacher of every class all the sudden thought, ‘Holy crap! We have only a little over a month left and I still have to complete three units!’  That, roughly translated to the student body, means, “Brace yourselves. A shit ton of homework is coming.” So, for the final month or so of school (when I would’ve liked to post a new gore-fest online), I was instead sitting at my computer for hours writing an essay about bias in the Islam Empire. Trust me, I would’ve much rather sat there and wrote about a man who kills his boss with a soap dispenser. However, now it is summer vacation, and I have all the time in the world to write stories and imagine graphic murders down to the bone. You may be thinking, ‘Has he given up? Did this boy all of the sudden realize writing horror wasn’t his passion?’ Well, to those of you who do, the answer is a huge and confident NO. You see, even though I may not have posted for about a quarter of a year, almost all my summer vacation has been spent writing. I have two simple words to explain how this works: Velociraptor Films.

Let me explain what these two words mean. If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed an excessive amount of tweets about filming, and, if you pay close attention to detail, may have also noticed that in addition to my standard “I am a independent horror author and student at OCHS” description, I have also added screenwriter. This is, in fact, true. A few weeks before school let out, in the midst of all the homework I spoke of previously, I came in contact with Chase Tucker of Velociraptor Films, a very small local production company on YouTube. He went to my school, and I saw him around a lot as he knew some of my best friends. However, it wasn’t until those few weeks before the end that I really got to know him. He made horror movies, which as many of you know are a huge thing of mine. He was a fan of my work, and he wanted to get my opinion on a script he wrote for a new movie called For the Love of Film! I recall us also saying, “Man! We need to collaborate sometime!” This was probably why I immediately shot him back a small alternate ending for it. That started a whole new future for me.

So, I am now officially teamed up and am a permanent working member of Velociraptor Films. What do I do a lot of here? I write. What do I write? Scripts for horror movies. I’m guessing now what is going through your head is, “Okay. That’s cool. Now where’s the short stories, Brendan?” Well, I want to make it very clear that this is a very time demanding thing I am doing, but I love it so, so much! I love a good horror movie just as much, if not more, than the next guy, and I’ve always dreamt of making my own, especially playing the villain in one! The only problem was, up until now, I never had the resources to do it, mainly the people. Well, now knowing these amazing guys, I do.

Here’s an update on what I’ve been busy with: I wrote an alternate ending, we talked back and forth, we both agreed that this was going to be awesome. So, we held auditions, got our cast, and when school was done, we began to film. The experience was unlike anything I had done before! It was one of those things where you do it once, and you know you’re going to do it again! I think everyone else on the team, especially our amazing cast, felt the same. So, through many hours and days preparing and filming, we finally finished shooting on Tuesday. Then I had all these amazing ideas for stories and plots, and when I wrote them, I realized I was using Celtx, not Word. And that they were in script form.

Every time I have an idea, I immediately start to envision the visuals. So far, I have written two scripts, and have plenty of ideas for more. This is a clear indication that we will be busy this summer. I still am writing, I still am loving it. But, if you look online and don’t see any new stories, don’t fret. I’m still chugging away, and have plenty up my sleeve. If you want to know exactly what I’m up to, look on Twitter. And now, if you’re willing to wait, you can experience the dark recesses for my mind in a whole new way. For the Love of Film! will be up in a short while on the Velociraptor Films YouTube Page. In the meantime, you can watch their other films. In conclusion, I’d like to say that there’s a storm coming. A storm full of monsters and mayhem, cannibals and ghosts, torture devices and a bucket of blood on the side. Even though it may not be right here, if you can stand to anticipation, you will not be disappointed.

Yours truly,

Brendan Swogger, Independent Horror Author and Screenwriter



I’d like to send out a direct thank you to everyone at Velociraptor Films! The crew: Chase Tucker, Isaac Watt, and Aaron Bowen! And of course the amazing cast: Sarah Roddey, Jamie Scherschel, and Richard Miller! Thank you guys for taking me in and letting me work with you. You’re all amazing and talented, and I cannot wait to work with you again! I know we will, and I know we’ll have fun doing it!

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