21 Deer Lane

This is my first time staying in this house, but not my first time in Sunriver. I’ve stayed at the resort countless times, but have never had anything like this happen before. I’ve heard stories, and other people claim to have seen things, but I always dismissed them. If you are skeptical like I was, I ask you, before turning out the lights, please question yourself. The experiences I had started when I arrived, and they started mild. I came here with my girlfriend, and before pulling our things out of the car, we decided to walk through. The first thing we noticed was the smell, like something burning in the oven. We dismissed it, cracked some windows, and carried on. We unpacked, went out to dinner (if you do decide to stay after reading this, I highly recommend the Brewhouse!) We came back, got comfortable on the couch, and watched TV. We both fell asleep, and I awoke before her. The TV was off, and I assumed she had turned it off before falling asleep. She was still on my chest, breathing gently. It was fairly dark, and it took my eyes sometime to adjust. When they did, I wish they hadn’t. I could clearly see the shadow of a man lurking just outside the sliding glass door. He was crouched down, peeking around the corner and inside. It startled me, and I woke up my girlfriend. He was gone before she had a chance to see him. She told me it was just my drowsy eyes playing tricks on me, and I believed her. The next day was enjoyable. I had shoved the previous night’s experience to the back of my head, and we spent the day biking, kayaking, and out of the house. When we arrived later at about 7, the burning smell had returned. Again, we cracked the window and dismissed it. Now it was her turn. We slept in the bedroom downstairs, and we were both tired, so fell asleep fast. I woke up with a start at about 3 in the morning. She was standing in front of the window. I could tell something was wrong. She asked me if I saw them. I asked her what. She said, “the lights.” I got up and followed her gaze. What I saw were two small red lights sitting in the sky right above the trees. I stared at them, mesmerized, before they blinked and vanished. I fell out of the trance, and looked back at the clock. It was four. Exactly an hour had passed since I woke up. It felt like only a minute. We were both too startled to fall back asleep, and instead decided to stay up and discuss what had just happened. After about 2 hours of talk, she had decided it was time to go. I decided to stay one more night in the house. She took the car and went to stay in a hotel, leaving me by myself until the next morning. I should’ve left with her. I spent the day as far away from the house as possible. I went to the pool, walked through The Village, to return to the house at about 8. When I came back, the car was in the drive. She had come back, and was asleep in the bedroom when I walked in. I didn’t wake he, and sat in silence on the couch, looking out the window. My phone rang. The number was blocked. I put it to voicemail. In about 2 minutes, a little message came up telling me the caller had indeed left a voicemail. I decided to listen. It was my girlfriend. She was calling from the hotel, talking with panic. She said they followed her. “I don’t know how, but they’re here.” I walked into the bedroom, the message still playing, and looked at the woman in the bed. Who was she? I don’t know, because I ran out of there. I left all our stuff behind, and I ran. I called her up. She was still panicking. She picked me up on the side of the road, and we stayed up all night pulled over in the car. When the sun rose, we went back to the house to grab our stuff and get out as fast as we could. I only saw it fit to write what had happened here. I cannot tell you that this place is haunted. I have no idea what it is. All I can say with confidence is that whatever is here, it is NOT HUMAN! IF you do decide to stay, know this. If anything should happen (pray it does not), you’re not crazy. I will not be returning.


This is what I wrote in the guestbook of the house we rented in Sunriver, located at 21 Deer Lane. There were a few things that inspired me to pull this little stunt. First of all, there was another entry in the book that was. let’s say, darker than the others.

“I awoke one somber morning with a .45 in one hand and a bottle of Jack Daniels in the other and didn’t know what to stick in my mouth first.”

I have no idea if this was an actual entry, or if it was somebody with the same idea as me, though it was nowhere near as elaborate. This brought my mind to last Spring, when my friend and fellow author David K. Hulegaard wrote a ghost story and left it in a hotel room for the next guest. I decided within a second that I would do the same. I only wish that I could see my victims reaction when they read it. I can just imagine them lying on the couch, looking through the sliding glass door, thinking about the previous experiences written down. If anyone happens to stay at this house sometime in the future, please write down your “experiences” and add to the mythos of 21 Deer Lane Sunriver, OR. 

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