Hello, and welcome to Brendan.Swogger.US!

Brendan Swogger is an independent horror author and student at Oregon City High School. He began writing science-fiction, but then with more exposure to the genre, found his passion lies with the blood, guts, and nail-biting terror of horror. One of his first horror stories written was an assignment in 8th grade in which he changed the ending of a Roald Dahl story to where the main character is killed and discovers his own body hanging dead in the attic. He has published many short stories on his website and posts updates, poetry, and prose on Twitter and Facebook. He currently lives in Oregon City, OR, where  its many legends and hauntings have been a great source of inspiration. He also takes inspiration from such authors as Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe, H.P. Lovecraft, and many others. His short story, BOX 2013, is one of the many included tales in the Edge of Oblivion anthology, now available for Kindle on Amazon.com.

Feel free to browse the site and read everything offered. You can access the database of short stories by clicking Archives at the top. Also, if you have an idea for a story you would like to see published, click Reader’s Requests at the top of the page and send a short prompt for a story. Check back often, your story may be used in the future. You can follow Brendan via email on the sidebar and receive new short stories instantly.

Happy Reading! ;)

  1. Joseph Paulo

    Liked it very much Brendan your for sure going to get a book published in the near future.
    Can’t wait for the next story.
    – Joseph

  2. Hey Brendan how did you get the paylist thingy-majiggy on the right? Very cool.

    • It’s running through Spotify. I decided to make my site a little more fancy. I thought having some horror music in the background would work.

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